The formal Letters…

The blog has been up and running for just a few days but already fan mail is coming in. I wanted to make sure I took a few moments to respond to some of the better “formal Letters” and hopefully answer the most relevant questions.

fL: J Paul, I know you were a big fan of the WB network. Where does Felicity fit in the pantheon of the great shows affiliated with that station and its subsequent incarnations, (UPN, CW)? – Beth K., Charlotte, NC.

JP: Beth, great question. Felicity is a brilliant show. One of the best. A bit melodramatic at times but when you are a helpless romantic like this writer, you just have to make room somewhere. Also, I think about it every week now that Noel Crane has changed his name to Bob Brown and protects this country as an operative of The Unit!

fL: The Browns are in total upheaval. Who do you think we are more likely to still see in the Orange and Brown next season, Brady Quinn or Braylon Edwards? – Tom L., Cleveland, OH.

JP: No doubt Braylon is packing his bags as we speak. All that’s left is catching him in an ‘I Love NY’ t-shirt at a bar in The Flats to confirm it.

fL: Hello J Paul. I am from Winston-Salem. What do you think about Westend Café? – Indira S., NC.

JP: Never met a meal there I didn’t like Indira. Just remember to sit at the bar and eat slowly. There just isn’t enough time to savor every delicious bite or every slow sip of a seasonal beverage!

Well, those are all the “formal Letters” I have at the moment that I want to share. Thanks to all my fans who keep supporting me and what I am doing. Keep stopping by, keep reading, and never stop dreaming.


~ by jpaulnorton on April 16, 2009.

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