The formal Letters…

More formal Letters have been coming in. Here are a few more gems:

fL: What is your obsession with Friday Night Lights? It just seem so slow moving to me. – Bob B., Athens, GA.

JP: FNL stikes a chord with me because of its heart. The stories are real. These characters don’t get the world handed to them on a platter. There is pain. There are hard choices. There are setbacks. What other show could choose to have the main characters lose State, and it be believable?

fL: J Paul, can you believe the writers for the new 90210 could throw out a storyline where David and Donna’s marriage would be on the rocks? Why would they even float that idea out there? – Amy L., Jacksonville, FL.

JP: Amy, I am as dumbfounded as you are. I think the biggest problem with the new 90210 series on the CW is that it has tried to connect itself to the original but hasn’t been true to how things were left when it ended. David and Donna could weather any storm. Dylan would never leave Kelly. I could go on and on. (Also, in the case of the most insane casting I have ever seen, why would Kelly and Dylan’s kid look like a young Steve Sanders?)

fL: Tony Gonzalez is headed to Atlanta. J Paul, what does this mean for the Falcons and where are the Panthers headed? Tommy C., High Point, NC.
JP: Tommy, the Falcons made an excellent deal here. With plenty of film on Matt Ryan available to opponents, providing him with such an excellet TE gives him just the right weapon to avoid a 2nd year slump. I give the Falcons an A+ on the deal, even if it becomes short term based on Gonzalez’s age. As far as the Panthers, they have not shown any commitment to keep up in their division, I expect a down year and a 3rd place finish in the South.

fL: J Paul, what are the chances of the Browns selecting Clay Matthews Jr. in the draft tomorrow? – Brock M., Columbus, OH.

JP: Brock, you can never go back home. Wish him well, but nostalgia doesn’t win football games. He could never duplicate the magic that was inherent in his father. But, on a serious note, I say 30% chance he’ll be in Orange and Brown.


~ by jpaulnorton on April 24, 2009.

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