The formal Letters…

The formal Letters keep coming…

fL: What are Graham Harrell’s chances of making the Browns? – Doug C., Berea, OH.

JP: The knock has been his horrible Senior Day performance. But, if he performes well this weekend, I think Anderson becomes a 49er and the Browns go w/ Quinn, Ratliff and Harrell. That way Mangini gives the fans Quinn while he has time to groom Ratliff. Harrell gives them a solid #3 who won’t make waves in Yr 1.

fL: J Paul, do you think the Counting Crows will ever make another great album? – Sean D., Wilmington, NC.

JP: Sean, the Counting Crows as a band pretty much defined every significant moment in my life. They are genius. But, I just don’t see them as hungry enough to climb the mountain again and give us another ‘August..’ or ‘Hard Candy.’ Lightning in a bottle my friend!

fL: Which Vampire Slayer do you think is more dangerous, “evil” Faith, or Dana the “rogue slayer”? – Amanda M., Champagne, Il.

JP: Well Amanda, before Angel helped Faith come to terms with her dark past, as evil as she was, her targets were always Buffy and co. Dana was just really unpredictable. Both scare me, but I wouldn’t ever want to run into Dana in a dark alley!

fL: J Paul, what is wrong with Chien-Ming Wang? – David T., Baltimore, MD.

JP: I don’t know. I do know that he and Dice-K are single handedly killin’ my fantasy team though.


~ by jpaulnorton on May 1, 2009.

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