The formal Letters…

This week’s Letters include these two classics…

fL: With Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton leaving One Tree Hill what do you think we can expect in Season 7 ? – Molly L., Wilmington, NC.

JP: Molly, OTH won’t be the same without them. This show is about brothers, and with Lucas gone, what we can expect is the culmination of a fine show. What will keep viewers interest is the addition of Brian Austin Green. Nobody on tv right now can deliver what he can. The key will be resolvable tension and drama. He is playing Nathan’s agent, but it would be too redundant for him to get between Nathan and Haley, so hopefully there will be a new angle there. With Peyton gone, unfortunately Brooke and her scratchy voice will have to carry the show. Maybe BAGs is the guy for Brooke! I don’t know. Bottom line, this show is best when Nathan and Haley are overcoming the odds to hold their marriage together. It’s time for another creative conflict.

fL: J Paul, saw your recent tweet and blog post on the Green Lantern. You have him ranked as the #3 male super hero of all time. Have you always been a Green Lantern fan? – Comic Fan., New York, NY.

JP: Growing up, the big three in my mind were Superman, Batman, and Spiderman. I loved those characters. But, recent portrayals of Spiderman in the comics and on the big screen have left me feeling very “blah” about Peter Parker and his plight. But, Hal Jordan’s stock has consistently been rising in my mind. His story is just so interesting. Chosen to be a hero, Hal rivals Clark Kent in both honesty and integrity as well as power. To be honest, I had written an article recently clamoring for a studio to cast Zac Efron in the role of Hal Jordan and build a movie franchise on his back. My unique vision actually would be that movie 1 focus on Hal Jordan as a person. Tell his story before he becomes the Lantern so we understand why. Then, much like Darth Vader only shows up in the last frames of Revenge of the Sith, have Hal turn into the Green Lantern at the movie’s end. This would Give Zac a wide birth to show off his acting chops. (I think he’s in the mold of Depp and DiCaprio). Trust me, this is a winner. I am very serious about this. It’s a shame nobody consulted me.


~ by jpaulnorton on June 5, 2009.

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