24 – Season Finale…

After watching the season finale of 24 I realized that the title for the episode should have been “24 – Rise of the Sith”. I mean if Star Wars wasn’t happening in a galaxy far far away, this is what we would get.

Jack Bauer – After years of letting himself be ruled by emotion, Jack Bauer comes back to the side of the Jedi by confessing his sins to Renee and releasing his anger. Only his daughter’s love and DNA can save him from death now.

Tony Almeda – Fueled by hate, Tony spends 3 yrs hunting his wife’s killer. He kills Special Agent Larry Moss, uses Jack, and watches many innocents die to exact his revenge. Then, just like Anakin Skywalker, he is maimed by his mentor. Now, locked away in a cell, his anger and hate grow.

Renee Walker – This “by the book” FBI agent becomes Jack’s apprentice and walks the road of the dark side justifying it by telling herself her actions help the “greater good”. Then after giving into her anger, also in the vein of Anakin S., ignores pleas from her mentor to turn back from evil. She too falls to the dark side and we are left watching her enter the interrogation room to face the terrorist, leaving behind all the noble rules of the FBI (read Jedi here).

See what I am sayin’.


~ by jpaulnorton on June 9, 2009.

One Response to “24 – Season Finale…”

  1. are they still using the real-time premise, or did that go away long ago?

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