Dependent Coverage…

The company I am working for, out of concern over health care costs, is auditing its employees through a third party to “ensure that each dependent enrolled” is eligible for coverage. Eligible dependents being a spouse, unmarried child, handicapped child, or same sex domestic partner.

What upsets me is that my marriage is of public record and is not in question. I even submitted a copy of my liscense when I initially added her to my health care plan. Every year you continue coverage on a child, the company asks for documentation on your child’s status. But, the third party company wants me to “prove” my marriage etc. through personal documentation that goes to them without any say by me.

But, what about the same sex domestic partner? What do they have to provide? You won’t believe this. The third party company is requiring no “proof” of that relationship. Nowhere on the form is it requesting documentation of any kind. So you tell me how are they ensuring those being covered?

The company can only save costs when they eliminate the waste. Well, where would this waste come from? From those using deception. How can you be deceptive regarding a marriage that is of public record? You can’t. So what is the real purpose behind this audit? If they aren’t trying to catch those that might possibly be trying to “buck” the system by requesting legal documentation from them, than what are they trying to do?


~ by jpaulnorton on June 16, 2009.

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