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fL: J Paul, read your recent post on Felicity. You made a brilliant point about Kerri Russell’s work on MI:3. Thinking back, had timing been different, could KR have pulled off the role of Sydney Bristow made famous by Jennifer Garner on ‘Alias’? – Patrick N., Greensboro, NC.

JP: Patrick, watching KR, as you so eloquently called her, steal the opening scene of MI:3 I think there is no doubt she could have pulled it off. Her acting chops can never be called into question. The only issue is her height. Garner has about 4inches on her, which gives her a huge edge in terms of physical presence and appeal. But, for my taste, just based on acting ability, KR may have been the better choice .

fL: Is it time for Jennifer Love Hewitt to walk away from ‘The Ghost Whisperer’? – Meagan T., Martinsville, VA.

JP: One of the greatest tragedies in television was how poorly the life of Sarah Reeves was handled in the television spin-off ‘Time of Your Life’. TGH is a solid project to keep her working, but I would say that it is time she moves on. She needs to be on a show people actually watch. I can’t be more serious about this. If it were up to me, she would be cast opposite Scott Speedman and Brendan Fehr in a show with the same premise as ‘October Road’ only a lot different and a lot better.

fL: There has been a lot of talk about the Browns revamped defense looking reminiscent of the Bears “46” defense. Can this group gell, improve and make an impact this year? – Milton H., Cleveland OH.

JP: No doubt the Browns defense will evolve. I look to Abram Elam to really lead this group on the field and help this defense make a name for itself. I expect immediate improvement. But, I also expect some terrible losses tied to defensive mistakes. There is a lot to learn and we are still a number of playmakers away. Don’t lose hope, but if you have the NFL package, keep it and always have a second game a button click away!

~ by jpaulnorton on June 22, 2009.

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