The formal Letters…

Just in time for the 4th…

fL: With the flurry of trades and draft day surprises in the NBA this past week, I was wondering if there was anyone that went in the Top 10 that you would consider “can’t miss”?- Scott V., Phoenix, AZ.

JP: Scott, I want you to look past the hype of Blake Griffin and realize he went off to waste away as a Clipper. I want you to forget about the flashy Ricky Rubio who will probably throw away his career by fussing over playing in Minn. Then, I want you to look closely at Tyreke Evans. This player will bring a championship to Sacramento in 3yrs. This kid is that good, and with proper coaching, he will blossom in the NBA.

fL: Do you think DeJuan Blair will have an immediate impact on the Spurs? – Tom H., San Antonio, TX.

JP: Tom, San Antonio really got this one right. DeJuan Blair will fit in perfectly and provide another inside scoring threat for the Spurs. With Tony Parker and Tim Duncan looking to make another run at the title, there isn’t anyone they could have brought in with more immediate upside. His potential may be limitless. Look for big things from this Pitt prodigy.

fL: It is like a dream come true to have Shaq coming to Cleveland to play with LeBron. Many also can’t wait to see Vince Carter team up with D. Howard. What players would you have loved to see playing together? – Brad T., Chicago, Il.

JP: You know, my dream team would have included Jalen Rose and Chris Webber with Larry Johnson! But, I would have loved to have seen a young Penny Hardaway and Shaq teamed up with Scottie Pippen. Or, maybe Shawn Kemp and Jason Kidd. If you are talking more about current stars, I would like to match Kobe, Boozer, and Derek Rose.

Note: In this television abyss known as the summer, I have just begun watching Felicity: Season 2. Although not as groundbreaking as the first season, by disc 3, the stories actually begin to unfold with a great deal of the strident brilliance that one would associate with this groundbreaking series. Also, add Julie to the list of characters we would like to have seen disappear. Car wreck, overdose, yellow fever…we aren’t picky!


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