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fL: We all know that the Browns will not succeed overnight, but what would your advice to Eric Mangini be about weathering the storm with regard to the first five games of the upcoming season? – Tad H., Tuscaloosa, AL.

JP: The first five games are pivotal. To be successful though, regardless of record, Mangini needs to put forth his energy towards teaching. These guys have to be taught the system. The players have to learn to trust the coach and their teammates, especially through tough times. With this young team, he has to teach first!

fL: Will Abram Elam be what the Browns need at safety? – Morgan H., Akron, OH.

JP: Abram Elam is the real deal. He has great leadership ability and the experience to back it up on the field. Honestly, he’ll be an extension of Mangini on the field and keep us competitive. Don’t be surprised if he will single handedly earn this defense some much needed respect.

fL: J Paul, whose the better house elf, Dobby or Kreacher? – Amy M., Kernersville, NC.

JP: Amy, much like a young Tom Riddle, I think very little about house elves. But, seeing that in the end that attitude led to his eventual downfall, I am going on record as saying that Kreacher was misunderstood and mistreated. He was fiercly loyal and would have been a great companion under different circumstances. That being said, Dobby is probably the greatest house elf to ever live.

fL: J Paul, my wife and I are big ‘Smallville’ fans. Throughout the years, there have been a number of interesting heroes that have been paraded through the series. Which one do you think most deserves his/her own television show? – Chris S., Greensboro, NC.

JP: This is actually a “no-brainer”. Oliver Queen, aka the Green Arrow needs his own show. Now, if it is going to be done right, they need to probably recast in order to go “young”, but whoever lands the lead role should be required to watch hours of Justin Hartley’s portrayel of the avenging archer to capture the magic. Let me also go on record by saying that this show should also include the Black Canary character as a burgeoning love interest. She could even live next door! I am very serious about this. A sort of Dawson’s Creek meets Smallville.

~ by jpaulnorton on July 16, 2009.

One Response to “The formal Letters…”

  1. Dear J. Paul, We all know that Justin Hartley should continue to play the Green Arrow. Otherwise the show will turn into a made for TV movie. No one watches made for TV movies-what a loss.

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