Saving Erin Andrews…

I think Maggie Hendricks has it wrong. Erin Andrews is no victim. She proved that when she didn’t shy away from confirming that the “peephole” video was of her. She then attacked back by contacting the proper authorities fully committed to catching those responsible.

Erin Andrews’ response also proves Maggie’s conclusion wrong. By standing up for herself, she has become an example of empowerment. Women with dreams of roaming the sidelines and reporting on the sports they love will become the type of journalists unabashedly determined to distinguish themselves as professionals. Erin’s grace under fire will only motivate them.

Erin Andrews is no victim. She has worked too hard to let someone with moral indecency take from her a career she worked so hard to forge. This ugly incident will become a beautiful testimony of her strength of character. What a great example for women to have.

Assault on Erin Andrew’: Maggie Hendricks

~ by jpaulnorton on July 21, 2009.

One Response to “Saving Erin Andrews…”

  1. In hope they catch the sleeze that did this. She’s cool. She did the right thing. Then trust God. Forgive and thenj forget. Bobby Gee

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