The formal Letters…

Something to begin the week with…

fL: J Paul, was ‘The Half Blood Prince’ all you thought it would be? – H.Granger, England.

JP: THBP is one of the best stories of all time. The book is a must read. The movie though, falls a bit flat. The acting lacked emotion and the additions and subtractions made to bring it to the big screen left me frustrated. I could debate its shortfalls for hours, but probably need to get back to this bagel.

fL: Most baseball analysts are saying the Indians won’t compete again until 2012. Is there any hope for Indians fans? – Jake M., Akron, OH.

JP: Jake, there is hope. Especially if you switch your allegiance to the Dodgers or Yankees. I hate to say it, but it might be best to forget about the Indians for awhile. There’s only heartbreak there my friend, only heartbreak. Kinda like following JLH through the Ghost Whisperer years. Eventually we all need to just move on. Someday things will be right again, but why suffer while waiting?

fL: Did you hear about Michelle Kwan deciding to attend grad school opposed to competing in 2009-10? – Shelly T., Madison WI.

JP: I feel as if all hope is gone. As if dementors have been unleashed on the figure skating world. But, I appreciate her commitment to education. I also appreciate her being realistic and not pulling a “Favre”. I wish her all the best and will begin circulating a petition to get a statute erected in her honor. I just hope her skating will be remembered by generations of ice skating fans and would-be competitors for years to come!

fL: J Paul, I heard your wife has become addicted to Gossip Girl. I heard you both swore that show off. What happened? – N. Neighbor, Greensboro, NC.

JP: Television shows rich in drama and layered with insightful character development and intricate storylines are like a drug to my wife. She can’t stay away. I didn’t see this coming though and I am just disappointed I couldn’t tag along for the ride. However, my commtiments and baseball watching schedule have prevented me from succombing to the lure of GG’s XOXO. Luckily, we have ‘Dark Blue’ on TNT. “Characters Wanted”.


~ by jpaulnorton on August 3, 2009.

One Response to “The formal Letters…”

  1. J. Paul-maybe your wife was just bored.

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