The formal Letters…

Even in the summer, there’s no stopping the letters from pouring in…

fL: J Paul, do you think Favre is the piece the Vikings are missing? – Craig M., Massillon, OH.

JP: I think the Vikings schedule won’t prepare them for the rigors of competing for a championship. Also, Brett is 39, soon to be 40. I don’t believe he has enough in his tank to be effective or consistent. I expect mediocre results and a mid season benching! Probably to save face, he will just walk away acknowledging he just couldn’t do it anymore.

fL: The Browns beat the lowly Lions but were there enough bright spots across the field to prove we might be better than many expect? – Nate T., Richmond, VA.

JP: The Browns are improving. The offseason additions are finding their way. I just don’t know yet what we can expect. It is truly a shame that the QB competition has gone on so long. By now, if Quinn was worth the hype, he should be in complete control by now. That is worrisome.

fL: What do you think about the new TNT drama ‘Dark Blue’? – Carey S., Charlotte, NC.

JP: Carey, great question. In an abnormally bleak television lineup, this show has really stood out. The cast has been tremendous and the writers have done an excellent job of establishing character relationships while maintaining mystery where it counts. You can’t give away too much at once, and this show has plenty of cards left to play. Two words for you, “Dean” and “Jamie”.

fL: J Paul, if you were to turn on the “way back” machine and bring back a face from television past to star alongside Patrick Dempsey on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, who would it be? – Sarah A., High Point, NC.

JP: Sarah, no doubt the nod would go to Alexis Denisof. With his wife Alyson Hannigan home with their new baby, its time for him to get back into the game. He made his mark as Wesley Wyndam-Pryce in the Buffy Universe, but his abilities are suited for any role. I picture him as the latest heart surgeon to loom large over the halls of Seattle Grace!

~ by jpaulnorton on August 25, 2009.

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