The formal Letters…

What can I say…

fL: J Paul, the Miami Hurricanes are looking strong. Do you think they can beat VT in Blaksburg? – Ryan B., Greensboro, OH.

JP: Ryan, the question isn’t can they beat VT, it’s by how much? I am going out on a limb here and saying that it will be a high scoring affair with the Hokies falling apart in the fourth. Miami 34 – Virginia Tech 27

fL: Mischa Barton’s The Beautiful Life seems to lack any real compelling story lines. What do you think the chances are that this show makes it? – Tessa K., Austin, TX.

JP: TBL won’t make it. Too many strong shows this Fall to compete with. However, Mischa Barton will spring board into something much more lasting soon. Her performance in the Pilot was spot on, and she has a very compelling presence. One of the best young actresses in town. All she needs is to stay focused and hungry. But not hungry and skinny!

fL: J Paul, what are your thoughts on The Vampire Diaries? – Meagan C., Gainsville, FL.

JP: Well, Meagan, the show looks solid. It has a young and good looking cast, strong storylines, and believable chemistry between the primary’s. My only concern is the excessive violence. The bloodlust of Damon needs to be squealched a bit, and it’s time for Stefan to put him in his place. I don’t mind a powerful, evil villian. But, we also have to know that the good guy can stop the bad guy and get the girl. Also really excited to learn more about Elena and Bonnie. They seem to require quite the backstory!

fL: J Paul, you dropped Heroes from your DVR lineup, why?. – Tom T., Martinsville, VA.

JP: Tom, I know, it was a difficult decision. But, you have to weigh the pros and cons. Heroes had too many cons and not enough pros to hang on. With T:TSCC gone I had to stay in my comfort zone. OTH and Gossip Girl might not be as much as a phenomenon as Heroes, but they are more consistent and much more difficult to give up. (Especially since House is on Monday nights too, and the DVR only can get two shows per hour time slot at a time.)

~ by jpaulnorton on September 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “The formal Letters…”

  1. JP: Are you a fan of The Office? It seems to be the kind of humor you’d enjoy. Sarcastic. Dry. Subtle. Have you given it a fair shot. Please don’t say you prefer Greys either.

    • Katie, I do enjoy The Office on occasion. Unfortunately, it hasn’t made my DVR lineup. Too many hour long drama’s to contend with. Also, I will respect your wishes and not mention Grey’s. Although if I had a dollar for all the times I’ve said, “Man, Dempsey has great hair.”

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