Martin Rucker…

In 2008 the Cleveland Browns drafted  a 6’5″ 260lb TE from Missouri.  As a senior, he was named a first-team All-American, after leading the nation as the top pass-catching tight end in 2007. His name was Martin Rucker.

In 2009 the Cleveland Browns released him.  Why?

His 2008 season was put on hold after suffering a knee injury, but nothing out of the Browns camp suggested that he was in any way hampered by that injury coming into this year.  The only “real” knock against him, at least in terms of what the fans hear, is that he was not very good at blocking.

Well, I want to go on record by saying that Kellen Winslow II wasn’t either.  That didn’t stop us from plugging him into an explosive offense that led him to a Pro Bowl selection.

So, another wasted draft pick, the third from this 2008 draft class, gone.*   Without anything to show for it.  Where is the coaching, the teaching up of players?  Could he not have been trained to block better and allowed to catch balls and possibly help us get into the end zone? 

It is sickening for a Browns fan to see such waste.  I don’t know if we can say Rucker is as much of a bust as Couch, Brown, Warren, Green and soon Edwards…but pretty close in my mind.  Talent wasted without explanation.  Tragic in the end.  Tragic.


*Beau Bell and Paul Hubbard were also members of the 2008 Savage draft class that were released this year.


~ by jpaulnorton on September 23, 2009.

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