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fL: Great blog about Degrassi. Who would you consider the most significant characters in the Degrassi universe? – Talon C., Oakville, ON.

JP: Degrassi is great because the ensemble cast can methodically carry numerous storylines and characters typically move easily throughout major “clicks” formed between characters and the grade they represent. However, if I were to be honest, Emma, Manny, Elle and Spinner seem to be the most significant characters within this generation of stories.

fL: I know you are of the opinion that Brady Quinn will not get another shot at the starting job, but do you really believe Mangini is freezing him out? – Thomas T., Wilmington, NC.

JP: I think the reasons to keep him out of the lineup, (money, poor performance, agenda) outweigh the benefit the team would see if he played. I do think that we will see him under center before the season ends, but unless he can convincingly lead us to 3-4 victories in a row, we will draft a new QB next year.

fL: A recent episode of ‘Top Chef’ had the chefs cooking vegetarian meals in a steakhouse. The judges, including Natalie Portman, loved Michael Voltaggio’s dish, but Kevin Gillespie took the win. Why does Michael’s genius get recognized, but he can’t get the final nod? Trent & Shana H., Nevada, LV.

JP: Trent, Shana, great question. I have debated this over and over as I have watched this season. Michael is the best chef on the show, or at least he believes that so strongly that he makes sure he mentions it at least twice during each ep. All I can say is that he doesn’t win for one reason and it’s not because he’s an ass.  Even though he is.  It’s because he consistently wears a look on his face that appears condescending and unhappy. Listen, he’s a great lookin’ guy with a lot of natural ability when it comes to cooking. If he came across as a happier person who appreciated criticism and compliments he would win every challenge, no doubt!

fL: J Paul, the Yankees tied the series up 1-1 last night. The series is on. But, A-Rod has hit a slump. Can he pull out of it, or have we seen the last of his big play ability for this year? – Doug D., New York, NY.

JP: Doug, as the Yankees leave behind NY to travel to Philly, so too does A-Rod leave behind his hitting woes. Look for a big outing against Hamels and for Rodriguez to slowly take this series over. You heard it hear first.

~ by jpaulnorton on October 30, 2009.

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