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fL: Allen Iverson and the Memphis Grizzles are parting ways. Any hope that A.I. will join King James and help the Cavs win an NBA title? – Marlon S., Springfield, NJ.

JP: I think Iverson is “The Answer” to a question that has become irrelevant. On the other hand, if he could accept a sixth man role, he could give the Cavs second unit the scoring threat it so desperately needs. Here’s to a deal I hope the Cavs make.

fL: J Paul, “New Moon” hits theatres on the 20th. Are you in? – Mary D., Greensboro, NC.

JP: No doubt. Actually I am hoping for a double feature that includes Ninja Assasin as well. It would be a long night, but nothing would be better than a night of ninja’s and vampires! Speaking of vampires, I want to lock Angel, Edward, Stefan and Dominic in a room and give each of them a sword. Then see who can make it out alive! My money is on the vampire with a soul.

fL: I have been keeping up with your tweets and you seem very high on a Grey’s Anatomy reboot. What has spurred this on? – Katie, L., Greensboro, NC.

JP: Listen, Grey’s has some key storylines and characters that just need a bit of tweaking. The show is really on a natural collision course for the rise of Dr. Shepherd to Chief. With George dead and Izzie in limbo it’s time to cut ties with that whole “class” of residents. Keep Yang around b/c she is compelling, but Alex is a waste while Meredith has aged poorly and the show has thrived with her on “bed rest”. Let Lexi carry the Grey mantle, cut the Chief loose and let’s get some fresh storytelling up in this place.


~ by jpaulnorton on November 17, 2009.

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