The Dog Days of Vacation…

It’s good to have time off from work.  It is important to take time to re-energize.  While I do that, here are some thoughts on recent events:

1) Christmas Day Terror Plot: The system failed.  This could have been prevented.  Also, this isn’t an isolated incident, but a greater conspiracy rooted in Islamic beliefs concerning jihad.  Time for the US to wake up.

2) Urban Meyer:  I believe he had it right when he said he would resign.  His “leave of absence” is nothing more than him running from his health issues (denial) and making prideful decisions regarding his work at Florida.  This seems like a decision he is taking lightly.

3) Alias: Watching Season1 and 2 over the break.  Love it this second time around.  A brilliant show.  (As I’ve said before, time to create a show about a young Jack Bristow.  Talk about a great character!)

4) NFL Coaching Carousel: I think Tampa Bay would be making a grave mistake giving up on Raheem Morris.  He needs three years to turn that team around and polish his style.  I think he will be a good one.  I just hope they resolve to stick with him.

Keep tuning in.  The thoughts will keep coming.  Enjoy Capital One Bowl Week.  It’s just heating up.

~ by jpaulnorton on December 28, 2009.

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