The formal Letters…

The beginning of a new decade…

fL: J Paul, what do you expect from Holmgren in the first 100 days? – Shawn T., Akron, OH.

JP: We are going to see three things in the first 100 days of the Holmgren regime: 1) A vote of confidence given to Eric Mangini with the understanding that he is there to coach and develop the players Holmgren gives him. 2) A focus on defense in the draft. Watch for a safety to be taken early. 3) Brady Quinn given the starting QB job from the outset with a quality veteran brought in to mentor him. These three things in themselves will hopefully right the ship and allow us to be very competitive in 2010.

fL: Alabama vs. Texas tonight. Who do you see taking home the title? – Marcus Lynch., San Antonio, TX

JP: Marcus, mark it down. Alabama. As thrilling as the last title game featuring the Longhorns will be as much of a dud as this one will be. Colt McCoy will fall apart and the Tide will have all the answers for the elusive and highly overrated Shipley. By the end of the third quarter most texans will be fleeing for the doors.

fL: Which season premiere are you looking forward to more, Idol or 24? – Alison Marsh., Winston-Salem, NC.

JP: I never thought I would say this, but I am looking forward to Idol. With Paula gone, I think the judge dynamic will be better. There will be more thoughtful critiques and an overall better musical education provided to the public. I want to get excited for another season of 24 but I think the show can only jump the shark now. We will see.

Writer’s note: One thing that has been on my mind lately is how Rachel Bilson, Mila Kunis and Leighton Meester could actually be the same girl. Is it just me or does it seem like they are all interchangeable?   Also, can someone making a television drama somehow find a way to bring Marisol Nichols and Sarah Shahi onboard?  Work with me people, I’m very serious about this.


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