Bank of UnAmerica…

Last week I began trying to resolve a very serious issue that began when BofA made an error with regard to the management of the account I hold with them.  In trying to resolve this issue; this is what I learned:

1) Their escalation procedure is a joke.  244hrs to resolve an issue requiring a simple credit is unacceptable.

2) Their customer service centers are located in numerous cities throughout the U.S.  Over the course of the week, I spoke with 8 Customer Service Reps, 2 Managers, 1 Team Lead and 3 Payment Reserach Representatives and not one of them knew any of the others.

3) Don’t assume that if they debit money from one of your accounts that they’ll know how to credit it back.

4) If you try to circumvent their phone tree by continually saying “Representative”, eventually the automated voice almost sounds agitated when answering you.

5) Nobody there has a last name or the ability to “call out.”  Three people promised to call me back, but…And they can’t IM each other.

6) They expect payment immediately, but when they owe you, they can take up to thirty days to send you a bank check. 

Also, they don’t admit mistakes! 

*Although the only reason I got confirmation that my issue was resolved was when a customer service rep accidentally transposed a phone number that led to the very person I needed to speak with.

~ by jpaulnorton on January 14, 2010.

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