The Dollhouse…

Ok, I am late to the party.  I blame DVR.  I just found out one of the best television gems was cancelled.  Another Joss Whedon classic thrown into the trash heap.  The Dollhouse.  What a shame.  Especially considering the amount of talent unearthed on this show. 

First, Joss Whedon can be thanked for uncovering two of the best performers on television.  I give him all the credit for discovering David Boreanaz (currently Sealy Booth on Bones) and Alyson Hannigan (Lily on How I Met Your Mother).  That being said, I can’t help but look at the gallery of characters he has created and the brilliance of the actors and actresses he entrusts them to and think, “What a genius.”

Let’s just take a look at Dollhouse.  There are few shows that have ever brought together such levels of talent.  Actors that can do drama, comedy, suspense and romance with such versatility.  Let’s just list out some names:  Eliza Dushku, Alexis Denisof, Summer Glau (we all know how much I love her and how broken I was when they cancelled T:TSCC), Alan Tugyk (who worked with the great Nathan Fillion who plays Castle on ABC.)  Amy Acker and Miracle Laurie round out this cast of untouchables.  Nowwhere ever, outside other Joss Whedon television shows, which boast most of those named above, can even compete.  Not even the current ensemble on Grey’s Anatomy can compare!

So, that being said, it is a shame that so many people are so lost when it comes to great American TV.  We can only hope Joss Whedon can bring something new to the screen soon.

~ by jpaulnorton on February 16, 2010.

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