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fL: Do you feel a sense of vindication now that Steve Lavin will be roaming the college basketball sidelines again? – DeMarcus Moon., Charlotte, NC.

JP: Nobody does it better. He was run out of UCLA for all the wrong reasons. The guy is a winner and with so many seniors coming back next year, St. John’s will be an instant contender for the Big East crown. After that, as he mentioned in an interview, a few good calls, key bounces and solid prep work and you find yourself in the Sweet Sixteen.

fL: Will we see the Lady Huskies lose to Baylor? Can they really be this unstoppable? – Shelly Smith, Austin, TX.

JP: Shelly, I don’t think the Huskies will lose. As a matter of fact, when they win the whole thing, nobody in our lifetime will ever again perform such a feat. They are manhandling everyone. There is no stopping them at this point.

fL: J Paul, the rumor is that The Vampire Diaries have become your favorite show on T.V. Can you really enjoy watching it more than Lost or 24? Inquiring minds want to know. – Tiffany Squall, Greensboro, NC.

JP: Tiffany, The Vampire Diaries have taken it to the next level with Elena’s mother possibly being a vampire, sired by Damon, who may have been sent to him by Katherine. The threads are there for an amazing climax to the season. I am guessing, based on the books, that for one episode at least, there will be 3 generations of vampire women from Katherine’s line on screen for Season 2.

Also, let me say that both Stefan and Damon are both brilliantly portrayed as vampires with both dark and light sides. There is so much potential there for storylines, I am almost salivating talking about it.

fL: J Paul, what is going on with the Browns and should fans expect to see them competitive next year? – Sam White, High Point, NC.

JP: Sam, let me end with this. The Browns are in trouble. They have so many holes, that even the “fills” will need filling. But, I expect a strong draft, a few more free agent pickups and a great deal of surprises regarding the development of last year’s picks. We will compete and we will see more wins next year than we are accostomed to. But overall, there is still a long way to go.

~ by jpaulnorton on March 31, 2010.

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