Always on my mind…

Has Christina Aguilera lost it?  Who writes her songs.  How can someone with such amazing God given talent consistently put out such mediocre to abysmal songs?  It is a mystery to me.

Can the Browns really think that trading up in the draft to pick Bradford at #1 is a good idea?  Listen, you have Jake as a stop gap.  You have numerous needs.  Use the picks to better the “team” then pick a QB either later in the draft, or next year.

Hiring of the year, St. John’s Men’s Basketball program bringing in Steve Lavin.  Great choice, a proven winner and a quality individual.  Bust of the year, Wake Forest.  Bzdelik? Really guys!

Television: 24 – Rene Walker, dead.  Ridiculous.  Vampire Diaries – Love this show, but sometimes the Buffy / Angel influence runs strong.  V- Why can’t Tyler’s mother just “explain” to her son the reason he shouldn’t spend time with the V’s?  He seems smart enough to get it.  Lost – Time for Jack to stop crying and to start leading. 

Baseball season is here.  The Tribe is horrible.  My FLB team is already last in the division.  I miss Ken Griffey Jr. in his prime.

~ by jpaulnorton on April 14, 2010.

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