Top 10…

Top 10 Things I have been Thinking About:
10) I think an interesting addition to Superman’s powers would be that his heat vision could also be used  as a concussive force blast when needed.  
9) Where are the stories where Darth Vader actually faces a formidable Jedi and destroys them?  
8)  Yes, a nurse naming a baby with a heart problem “Lux” meaning “Light” makes much more sense than her naming the kid something like Sarah.
  7) Remember when the morality behind killing vampires was black and white without all this “gray”?
  6) Honestly, I am a snob when it comes to my QB’s.  I want them to be cool.  Colt McCoy just isn’t that cool. 
  5) What is the correct pronunciation of “Han” as in Han Solo?  with an “æ” like can, or “a:” like Khan.
  4) I wish I had taken the time to enjoy watching Ken Griffey Jr. play while he was still in his prime.
  3) As much as we might want it to, American Idol just can’t survive w/out Simon.
  2) Between the two, in regard to closure, I believe Lost will have a much more satisfying series finale than 24
  1) I think a gritty television series about married CIA agents and their commitment to duty and family starring David Boreanaz and Jennifer Love Hewitt sounds like a great idea.

~ by jpaulnorton on April 28, 2010.

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