The Day of Thoughts…

-Why can’t the Lakers put players I actually like around Kobe?

-With the signing of “Benedict Boozer” have the Bulls actually usurped power in the East?

-Teaching young girls the power of drunkeness and nakedness; Kesha.

-Has there ever been a team to choke worse than Germany did  in this World Cup?

-The Ewing Theory put on display in Cleveland shortly after 9pm tonight.

-Lucy Hale has become a surprisingly good actress.  Thank you PLL on ABC Family.

-Smallville Season 10 will be it’s last.  Sad really.  What a great show.

-T.V. for those w/ the blues: Rookie Blue / Dark Blue

I would have loved to see LeBron, DWade, Bosh…w/ JJ Redick and somehow Mo Williams in NY.

-Tom Welling and JLH need to join forces on a new show in 2011 w/ Summer Glau, Sara Carter and Chase Crawford.

-I just wish the Browns would have picked Claussen.  Or Tebow.

-Lindsay Lohan, a 24yr old train wreck.  That judge just probably saved her life.

-Congrats to FNL for their much deserved Emmy nominations.  Now maybe my wife will let me name our first born son Saracen.

-Poll: Should LeBron wear #23 or #6 in Miami?  Answer, #6 fits better w/ #3 and #4.

-Cavaliers new rallying cry, “five passes then a shot.”

-The basketball mecca of NY was the biggest loser in free agency.  The Knicks and Nets were both relegated to second class citizens.

~ by jpaulnorton on July 8, 2010.

One Response to “The Day of Thoughts…”

  1. J Paul – so thinking that the Ewing Theory will go into effect, are you saying that Cleveland will win a title soon? I have to admit I’m not on the same page with you on that one.

    – T Jesse Norton

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