The Hills, More Questions than Answers…

With the television phenomenon The Hills coming to an end, those of us who have followed it are left with more questions than answers.  Even the last scene, which makes you wonder just how “real” this reality show was has created a stir.  But, that is just the tip of the ice berg:

1) Where does LC, (Lauren Conrad) go from here?  Can she truly sustain a career in the fashion industry without the cameras rolling?

2) How long will it take before Spencer Pratt is put behind bars?  As my wife likes to put it, “he’s a sociopath.”

3) Kristin and Brody?  Can there be a future with them together?  It just doesn’t seem right if they don’t end up like other famous couples, together til the end.

4) Does it not seem odd that not one of these people ever once asked how Stephen Colletti was doing? 

5) Why did Brody Jenner never get a star billing in the opening credits?

6) How much longer will The City last with Whitney Port now that The Hills has ended?

7) Will Heidi Montag really make the decision to increase her bust from DDD’s?  I mean Heidi, really?

8 ) Can Kristin and LC ever make amends?

9) Can we expect that Audrina Patridge can turn her rumored spin-off into a successful venture much like Whitney Port and The City?

10) After tasting fame and fortune, will most of these cast members ride off into the sunset to find a more normal life? 

These questions will only be answered in time.  I just know that an era has ended.  One where we all might actually be a little dumber for going along for the ride.  It also begs the question, has The Hills negatively affected women by portraying such surface level relationships where the very worst personality traits were encouraged and even glorified?

Either way, I just want to say thank you to Lauren, Kristen, Lo, Whitney, Audrina, Heidi, Brody, Spencer and the rest for providing six seasons worth of “Reality Television.”

P.S. Lo was really the only “normal” one.

~ by jpaulnorton on July 15, 2010.

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