One pound…

“A one pound advantage is just like having immunity.”  -Biggest Loser

Ok seriously, here I am in the land of Vikings; I can access the CW homepage, find episodes of my favorite shows, but, “The content is not available in your location.”  What kind of place is this!!

Am I the only one who thinks Scott Porter of FNL looks a lot like Shane West from the newest television hit ‘Nikita’?      

I don’t know what the Patriots need to do to get back on track, but they have too many weapons to lose to the Jets.  Tom Brady better step it up.  It’s time.

This 0-2 start is too much for me as a Browns fan.  I have had enough.  There just isn’t enough there to get excited about or root for.  They are so far from being competitive it’s sickening.  What angers me even more is the success the Chiefs are having when they should be behind us in terms of development.

My biggest fear right now is that my home DVR will run out of space before I get home and can catch up.  Especially since so many season premiere’s are on Friday.  What, what!


~ by jpaulnorton on September 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “One pound…”

  1. What premier are you looking forward to on Friday? Dateline? 2020?

  2. hahah…Blue Bloods w/ Tom Selleck

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