Thinking out Loud…

I think it is safe to assume that the Ewing Theory may have another example coming out of Cleveland this year.  Go Cavs!

In the 8pm time slot, Glee crossed the line with their “Rocky Horror” episode.

Cliff Lee, sorry, you’re no “El Duque”.

Why does Lucas Films allow for the continued destruction of Darth Vader’s legacy?  The whole Force Unleashed storyline seems blasphemous.  My take is that Darth Vader was not a sympathetic character who lost duals to every Jedi, Sith or Clone he met;  until Luke, his son!  But, everyone else has just worked so hard to make him a mechanical twit.  Sure, his force powers might have been weakened by his loss of limbs, but with state of the art robotics coupled with his skills and anger – he should be depicted as unstoppable.  His subservience to the Emperor is only out of loyalty, not really an inability to destroy him.  Stop making him look bad.  Please, someone, rescue Vader from the madness.

Loving Missouri, Mich St. and Oregon right now.

Aesthetics: Not a fan of Auburn players wearing white socks / Not really a fan of QB’s wearing #14 / Love UConn Football in the snow / Louisville and Football makes no sense to me /  Miss St. should shrink the ‘M’ on their helments just a bit / The Cowboys of Oklahoma St. have the best “orange” in college football / Kirk Herbstreit and Erin Andrews would make a great looking couple

I had my doubts about the movie ‘Red’ going in, but my view now is that it is a “must see”.

Nooooo!  Why kill off Mason Lockwood?

Dean, you and Lisa are meant for each other.  She’s in this now, don’t leave her.

99% of the dresses worn by Serena Van der Woodson should remain in fantasy lands of magic and never be seen on real women, in the real world, on the real streets of real towns.

 I have to weigh in and say it now, Tom, #12, time to get a hair cut.  Sometimes we have to tell our wives that they are wrong, even about hair and fashion.

~ by jpaulnorton on October 28, 2010.

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