Wannstedt Resigns…

I am torn by the recent news that Dave Wannstedt has resigned.  I have always had a soft spot in my heart for coaches like him who return to the alma maters in order to have their “dream job.”  I usually give them a lot of leeway with regard to their programs and teams they put on the field.

Wannstedt’s case is no different and I forgave him for a lot of poor performances.  His wins were bigger and losses smaller to me in my mind, as if he was untouchable.  But, that is never the case.

Pitt’s teams over the last few years have lacked creativity, underachieved and been mostly a disappointment in a very winnable Big East.  That being said, there was no other choice. 

Now, much like the “U”, Pitt has a chance to redefine their program and bring in a guy who can bring back some luster to a much dulled program.

Wannstedt Resigns

~ by jpaulnorton on December 8, 2010.

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