The Pony Excess…

Watching ESPN’s film series 30 for 30 has been a real joy for me.  The most recent, “Poney Excess” is an instant classic that rivals the best of them.  The bar was set with “The Two Escobars“, which coming after “Without Bias“, “Kings Ransom” and “The U” is high praise.   Pony Excess comes in somewhere in between.

But, the one thing that I can’t shake after watching the film is how SMU’s best two players Eric Dickerson and Craig James were never truly implicated in taking any money or gifts.  As a matter of fact, it seems that SMU received the death penalty for paying all sorts of players that well, never made it to the NFL or were heard from again!

Now contrast that with the rest of that Soutwest Conference, who through implication were probably also “paying” athletes, athletes who probably had much more success at the next level, and a person like me looking back can’t help but think that the NCAA went after SMU specifically because it was a small school in hopes of sending a message to the big boys.  Than after realizing what they had done with the death penalty vowed never to use it again.

I say this simply because if you look at the college landscape over the next few decades, you can’t tell me that Miami, Texas, USC, Alabama etc..weren’t violating the same rules in the same fashion that SMU did.  It was a consipracy hatched when loose lips from the SMU program began to sink ships.  Just goes to show you, if you are going to take money and gifts, keep quiet about it.  Wow, what an epoch in football history.

~ by jpaulnorton on December 16, 2010.

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