My Vote for NFL MVP…

Well, this will not come as a surprise to any of you, but my vote in the NFL MVP debate goes to Tom Brady.  He is currently playing lights out and guiding his team of rookies and offensive player castoffs to the playoffs with incredibly consistent and at times remarkable play.

I know many feel that the better player and better story is with Michael Vick.  I understand that.  He also is playing remarkable and there is no doubt that had he played in all of the games this year, had not been hurt, even I would send my vote his way.  Unfortunately that isn’t what has happened…so, NFL MVP = Tom Brady.

I have said this over and over, but after yesterday’s loss to Baltimore, the Browns still need to address 3 major areas.  1) QB – Time to cut Jake, move Seneca to 3, Colt to 2 and draft a #1 guy who can lead and can consistently make it through 16 games.  2) WR – We need a playmaker who can stretch the field and cause matchup problems for opposing defenses.  3) DE – This team needs a player who can sack the QB.  A guy who creates havoc.  If these three positions are addressed, all else being equal, 2011 should be a huge step forward.

Tim Tebow is now 1-1 as a starter.  He threw for over 300 yards in yesterday’s victory.  Time to stop questioning if he can make it in the NFL and start preparing to build a team and philosophy to help he succeed.  He is the real deal and by Christmas time 2011, I too will probably have a #15 jersey.

What the UConn women’s team has done is incredible.  We have to celebrate their achievement.  Plus, they aren’t done.  But, no matter how many games they win in a row, for men’s college basketball, if a team could ever reach 89, that would be remarkable.

Here’s to OSU blowing Arkansas out of the water and TP going pro. 

Can the 49ers bring in a great coach, can that coach turn Troy Smith into a credible starting QB, and can Troy Smith as a starting QB take this team back to the Super Bowl and win it?  We shall see.

What is going to replace Smallville on the CW when the 10th season ends?  How good is this new show The Cape going to be?  Also, I really miss Matt Saracen.

~ by jpaulnorton on December 27, 2010.

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