The Browns Begin Again…

Eric Mangini has been fired.

I won’t speak of the fairness of that decision or where that leaves us, but now we have 4 glaring needs to address in the offseason:

1) Coach  2) WR   3) QB   4) OLB

 Positives: We continue to strengthen the front office and coaching staffs toward one unified vision.  We are leaving behind the constant upheaval and are moving towards continuity.

Negatives: We are once again starting over.  We are still in a place where we have limited talent on the field and even less depth on the sidelines.  We have no team identity, continued QB questions and too many holes to fill with one draft.

Conclusion:  The Cleveland Browns are close enough to become a 7 win team but far enough to regress to under 4 wins for 2011.  We are still rebuilding and this process will continue into 2013.  It will take patience, leadership and player development to overcome our current situation.  The price we are paying cannot be calculated as more often than not, Browns fans are spending their Sunday’s anywhere but in front of the T.V.

~ by jpaulnorton on January 3, 2011.

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