Ok, so wondering who really wears Nike running shoes?  Actually, Nike in general.  I have been an Adidas man since being a kid and can’t think of wearing any other footwear for my athletic needs.  NB are a strong brand too, and I actually wearing their most classic shoe right now.  But Nike.  Never.  I tried once, with horrible consequences.  My feet cried out for relief, and after 2wks bought a new pair of Adidas and dropped the Nike’s in the ‘Yellow Box.’

My wife, an avid runner, also has trouble with them.  Just got a call from her saying she found some great looking Nike’s and tried them on twice, in an attempt to force herself to believe they felt good, to no avail.  She bought a pair of NB instead.

Nike seem to run narrow, lack support and use inferior laces.  How does this company stay in business?  Really, if you own a pair of Nike’s I want to know; and I want to know why.

~ by jpaulnorton on January 8, 2011.

One Response to “Nike”

  1. Hi, i actually wear nike running shoes and they have been excellent. I suppose it”s all down to preference really. Although when the time comes for my new pair I always try other brands etc as I only buy what I feel will be beneficial to me.

    Alan – The Runners Way

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