NFL Wrap Up…

Well, Tom Brady and the Patriots have been ousted from the playoffs by the Jets.  I hate the Jets so much I am actually hoping the Steelers beat them!  But, I hope Green Bay wins it all b/c no way in hell do I want Big Ben to have 3 championship rings…allowing any joe off the street to start comparing him to Tom Brady due to the SB ring count.

Literally, the Browns have “blown up” the franchise for the 4th time since 1999.  The only thing I had ever wanted as a boy was for us to continually compete for AFC Championships and the occassional Super Bowl.  What I have gotten is 2 decades of missteps and a team so bad I have started to stray.

It’s like a marriage gone south.  Years of poor communication, misplaced expectations and loss of trust have left me looking at other teams.  I am horrified, but the current roster has left much to be desired and I can’t help but pull for certain top dogs like the Pats while getting excited about some up and comers like the Chiefs, Raiders and Broncos.  Wow, I almost hate all 4 teams in the AFC North at this point.  Might as well switch conferences.

Sure, 1 draft could change everything.  Players have come and gone so quickly on the shores of Lake Erie that 2011 may be the year I fall back in love with the Browns.  But, the reality is that I will probably lose another decade waiting to enjoy watching these guys again!

~ by jpaulnorton on January 17, 2011.

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