Standing by…

-It’s tough.  Watching teams like the Steelers, Patriots and Packers who have built organizations that consistently win.  Teams that never rebuild but reload.  It is hard to watch that and continue to accept the mediocrity that is the Cleveland Browns.

-It breaks my heart, but The Cape has already fallen out of the DVR rotation.  With the great Summer Glau as a co-star, this thing had hit written all over it.  Unfortunately, Time Warner’t let you tape more than two shows in a time slot, and once you hit that mark, you have to watch one of the two you are taping!  Ridiculous.

-You know, I think it’s time for Mischa Barton to get back to television.  The right project is out there, somewhere.  But, not the starring role, one of the main supporting cast members, one with real depth…meat to the character. 

-The Cavs march to a possible #1 pick is now picking up steam with a 17 game losing streak in tow.

-I just want to take a moment and thank Sarah Michelle Gellar.  Her work as ‘Buffy’ opened the door for the explosion of the female action star.  I also want to take this moment to say somebody should have capitalized on Kerri Russell’s performance as Lindsey Ferris in MI3.  Seriously.

~ by jpaulnorton on January 25, 2011.

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