Thinking Outloud…

– I feel like a movie or television series starring Tom Welling and Minka Kelly would really work.  I am picturing ‘The Unit’ reboot with Tom as the courageous Bob Brown…

– I think the only thing that holds James Marsters back from super stardom is his hair.  There isn’t much you can do there.  Anyone feel like David Boreanaz comes across looking short next to his cast mates on Bones?  I mean he is taller than them, but he doesn’t look 6’1″.

– Does length of girls hair make a real difference in how they are perceived?  See Stana Katic.  Wow, Castle Season 1, not so interesting…Season 2, definitely in the conversation.

– Who do I think are the favorites on The Bachelor?  Shawntel, Chantel and Jackie.  I don’t think he can do better.

– I think there need to be more bands fronted by a guy/girl duo.  I don’t think you can find a sweeter sound that a man and woman singing together.

– This is coming from left field, but some of the best work done by Liv Tyler and Edward Norton Jr., came in their collaboration in The Hulk.

– I think the Browns should work out a deal w/ the Packers for Matt Flynn.  Draft A.J. Green.  Do what it takes to steal LaMarr Woodley away from Pittsburgh.  Find a corner back who can cover…than just win baby.

~ by jpaulnorton on January 27, 2011.

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