The formal Letters…

It has been far too long…

fL: J Paul, with Smallville coming to an end and Life Unexpected being cancelled, the CW’s lineup has weakened.  What types of shows would you pitch to the network to reinvigorate the current offering? – Bailey Carson., Athens, GA.
JP: After catching some re-runs of the classic western The Big Valley recently, I am thinking the CW needs to offer a western.  I would say rebooting The Big Valley, bringing back Nick, Heath and Audra Barkley with a much more modern spin would be brilliant.  As for a cast: Brandon Routh as Nick, Justin Harley as Heath and Aimee Teegarden as Audra? Adrianne Palicki / Brooklyn Decker?  Just sayin’.
fL: You said you were going to make week long Super Bowl predictions.  What is your prediction for the day? – Tommy Brandon., Charlotte, NC.
Prediction 2: Troy Polamolu will return an Aaron Rodgers interception back for a touchdown in the 2nd quarter.
fL: J Paul, ESPN the Magazine’s recent issue had an article about homophobia and recruiting.  What do you think is the real issue here? – Melanie Thomas., Richmond, VA.
JP: Melanie, the article was a good one, and it shed a great deal of light on the darker side of recruiting.  However, it is very important, during the recruiting process, that recruits and their parents understand the environment of the schools they are looking into.  Personal lives of coaches and staff, percentage of homosexuals in the program, and other related information should be openly asked about and discussed.  This type of information should be made available upfront, no hiding, no agendas.  Young girls will be spending a lot of time over the course of 4 years with the team.  Those who will be mentoring them along with who their friends will be is extrememly important for all to be aware of. 
fL: Is there any chance that the Cleveland Browns will draft a quarterback this year? – Deke Marin., Parma Hts, OH.
JP: Deke, unfortuanatley, the current regime is more likely to go after a veteran free agent.  This is not a huge mistake though, as we have so many glaring holes, it might be best to focus on other areas with this draft.  But, I think it will be imperative, if we want to compete long term, that next year we go after a true fit for the WC offense.

~ by jpaulnorton on February 1, 2011.

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