Jackie’s Mistake…The Bachelor

Jackie came out like a lion on the Bachelor’s first episode, pulling a Jessie and singing to Brad, which was very uncomfortable.  Most everyone in America from that moment would have pulled the plug on her chances by denying her a rose that very night.

Jackie survived though and ended up having one of the best One on One dates a girl could ask for.  She became the “Pretty Woman” and danced the night away in an unforgettable episode.  She and Brad connected and it looked like she was in the driver’s seat, or at least a solid contender.

Then, she disappeared.  She made no other signinficant contact with Brad, or the camera’s for the next few weeks leading up to her final show.  There, overcoming her fear of heights, she had another opportunity to capture Brad’s heart but blew it!

Brad specifically said he didn’t want to give someone a rose just for overcoming “her fear.”  A blatant shot at Jackie who apparently gave him no reason to believe she really cared for him during their time in the pool together. 

Jackie’s mistake was that she never capitalized on her date with Brad.  She never pulled it out of her hat or used it to further connect with the bachelor.  That’s where she fell flat, or possibly succeeded in her plan to get voted off.

Jackie seemed like a smart girl, a thoughtful girl.  Maybe she knew something long before Brad, that they had no business being together in the first place.  To that I say congratulations on a well played stay on the show.  You should have been Top 3, but now you can move on.

~ by jpaulnorton on February 9, 2011.

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