I like the CW’s Nikita and am drawn in by the vision that surrounds it.  I think it is a fresh take on the character and do enjoy Maggie Q’s performances.  She is a strong, sexy and smart actress and has truly made this role her own.

Michael, played by Shane West, has a subtle emotional side to him that wasn’t really present when Roy Dupuis played him, but overall, the characterization in the CW’s version hasn’t been right.  Roy Dupuis is the standard bearer here and the bar which I think Shane West can reach, but the writer’s can’t seem to recapture.

Alex, is the real star here though.  Lyndsy Fonseca has carved out for herself a role for the ages.  She is really the reason I keep coming back.  She adds the human element necessary to keep this moving…the very element Peta Wilson brought into the void Dupuis so masterfully created as her foil. 

For the CW version to get its legs and reach its potential, the writer’s have to make this Nikita fallible, Michael more deadly and allow Alex to grow up in that space.  Then this show will truly become epic!


~ by jpaulnorton on February 21, 2011.

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