THE Bracketology

Gang, I prayed that Clemson and FSU would make it to the ACC Championship game, and obviously for good reason.  Yesterday was a sham.
In honor of the Fab Five, I have picked Michigan to spoil Duke’s party this year and beat them to move on to the Sweet 16.  They will shock the world but this time with a few more white kids along for the ride.
If OSU doesn’t move through the field to take the championship, the only other scenario that makes sense is for Kemba Walker, the best player in college basketball right now, (outside Kyrie Irving) to will UConn to victory.  I don’t believe he can be beaten.
I have become disenchanted with Jimmer Fredette.  He just seems to me to be a chunkier, slower version of the great JJ Redick who could have easily put up those types of numbers had Coach K. not held him back.
Again, with their outlandish run to another ACC title it seems more and more clear that the NCAA handles Duke much like it handled Texas and Oklahoma in football back in the 80’s, turning a blind eye to their misdeeds and finding a scapegoat to punish as an example.  For Texas and Oklahoma it was SMU, for Duke it was UNLV and Michigan.  Somebody please look into this program.
The ACC only sent 3 teams to the tournament this year.  Clemson could join the field with a win after being given a play in game based on the NCAA’s corruption and inclusion of 1,000 teams to the tourney.  Hewitt was fired due to mediocrity and Lowe will follow based on ineptness.  The conference, bloated from years of excess, has destroyed itself.  I am in utter disbelief.

~ by jpaulnorton on March 14, 2011.

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