MLB 2K11…



You’ll get a kick out of this.  Excited about the new MLB season, I went out and bought MLB 2K11 so I could play some games on my xbox.  Well, after a few warm-up games to get the controls down, I started a season, chose the Baltimore Orioles, and began opening day game 1.

The first few innings went by without much excitement.  Bottom of third, I jacked the ball with Derek Lee to the wall where I was robbed of an HR.  5th Inning moved my leadoff hitter to third before making the final out.  I went to the bullpen beginning the 6th, each reliever coming in and going 2+ innings and shutting the computer’s Tampa Bay Rays down.  Next thing I know, I have played this game for 2hrs, I am in the 23rd inning, I have to put in the next day’s starter as I am now out of pitchers, and it seems like scoring a run for either team is a hopeless quest!  I had to save the game to play another time as there was no sign of either team scoring.  My team as of right now has 4 hits, the computer 5 hits.  Can you believe that?  My wife told me I need more practice.  I said, “I’m on inning 23, how much more practice do I need.  I am horrible at batting.”


~ by jpaulnorton on April 6, 2011.

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