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fL: J Paul, the Indians are off to a great start, can they actually win the division? – Mark Hopper., Cleveland, OH.

JP: Mark it starts with pitching and the Indians young arms have really come through.  I think the season will be up and down, but I like what I see and expect the Tribe to finish in first place.

fL: Is there a better show on television right now than Vampire Diaries? – Terri Clark., Montgomery, AL.

JP: Roll Tide!  But, on a serious note, the only show that even comes close is Smallville.

fL: J Paul, your fantasy baseball team has floundered.  Is there any way you can right the ship? – Barry Brown., Austin, TX.

JP: My fantasy team probably can’t overcome its 5-25 start in the division I am in.  Those teams have jumped out to a remarkable start at my expense and now, the only hope I have is for 2012.

fL: This summer there are some huge comic book blockbusters that will be out in the theatre.  Any one in particular you are looking forward too? – Tom Brady., Boston, MA.

JP: Tom, good question.  With Thor, Captain America and X-Men: First Class on the way it’s hard to choose.  But, I think the movie I am most anticipating is Green Lantern.  He is a little more obscure in some circles than the Marvel giants above, but he is vastly more interesting.

fL: The NFL Draft is happening this week.  What do you think the Browns will do? – Josh Creme., Berea, OH.

JP: Well, Josh.  I think the Browns will finally make a smart pick, which is the pick I think we need to make the least.  I believe that Patrick Peterson will fall to us at #6 and we will take him.  However, when that happens we will leave Blaine Gabbert on the table, thus ensuring another decade of mediocrity at the QB position.


~ by jpaulnorton on April 26, 2011.

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