FNL, The End…

Hey, I am sure you guys read Grantland, but here is the article about the end of FNL.  Honestly, for myself, I fell in love with Season 1.  I don’t think there was a better show on tv during FNL’s first season. See my comparison below. Then, I got confused by the murder and half-heartedly watched most of Season 2, caught a few of the first episodes of Season 3 and gave up on it.  I think I will buy these on DVD and start over.  For me it seems worth it.  I don’t think there was a more well written show on tv during its run, but it carried with it many distractions like plot, pacing, day/time slot, switching of networks, coach switching high schools, etc…it was an uphill battle. 
I put FNL into a category with the following shows.  These shows had remarkable first seasons, but due to many factors couldn’t truly reach their full potential. 
1) Roswell – Roswell crashed in Season 3.  It was apparent that all involved were ready for the show to die, and they killed it. 
2) Angel – A great 5 season ride. (If you count time served on Buffy, these characters were part of an 8 year television run). Each episode was very good, but many of the story arch’s seemed incomplete.   
3) Heroes – This show had the single greatest 1st season of all.  Fell flat over the next 3.  Too many characters and too many ?’s.
4) FNL – See above.
5) Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – This was the last show I actually refused to watch DVR’d and had to watch live.  It was terrific and with the edition of BAGs in Season 2, I expected a lengthy run.  Then, Fox pulled the plug.  I was inconsolable for weeks.  The single greatest television tragedy of my lifetime.

~ by jpaulnorton on July 15, 2011.

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