FNL QB’s – Ranked

Have you ever wondered who was the greatest High School QB to ever lace it up in Dillon on FNL?  From Season 1 through Season 5 there has been no single position more important for the success of  Dillon football or Coach Taylor’s teams than QB1.  So, from worst to first, here is the official FNL QB Ranking:

6) #9 – We know nothing about the overall record of the Dillon Panthers in Season 5, but we do know #9 was their leader.  We know only a handful of facts about #9:  1) He was JD McCoy’s successor.  2) He was coached by the controversial but offensive minded Mac McGill 3) He lost to Vince Howard’s Lions in the crosstown rivalry game.  We saw his arm strength on display but know that regardless of his pedigree, he would not be QB1 when the “Super Team” was created.  As a shadow in this great traditions history, #9 will always be just a footnote.

5) Jason Street – Although we know a scout from Notre Dame thought he was the best high school QB he had ever seen and his heroics were always talked about, Jason Street never won State and actually never beat Arnett Mead.  There is no telling what this boy could have done had he not been paralyzed.  His determination and knowledge of the game may have been the very edge that got that Panthers Team a State ring, but his influence was greater in the chair than out of it.  He will always be idolized, but Jason Street means more as a pesona than a person behind center.

4) Voodoo – Much ballyhooed Louisiana State Championship QB, Ray “Voodoo” Tatum could have been the greatest QB in Dillon and possibly Texas high school football history.  The unfortunate events of Katrina brought him to Dillon, and his skills were extraordinary.  His speed was blazing and his arm was magnificent.   His attitude however destroyed his opportunity to be a Taylor disciple.  Voodoo did lead the Mustangs to State, but he watched Saracen take home the ring.  He is a champion, but not in any other way than on paper in a place drowned by flood waters.

3) JD McCoy – He was the single most polished QB prospect ever to wear Panther blue.  On the practice field he was a highlight real.  Unfortunately, like the great Todd Marinovich, McCoy had daddy issues.  He also suffered from a temper and the inability to overcome adversity.  He was benched at State, he lost to a mediocre East Dillon team, and ended his Panther career without the much-anticipated return to State.  He failed.  He was spoiled.  He was a disappointment to all who wear the #12.

2) Matt Saracen – “Seven.”  He was an artist.  He was a friend.  He was a shy boy thrust into the spotlight of Dillon high school football.  He was a leader.  He worked hard.  He was the least talented person on this list.  But, Matt Saracen never gave up.  He fought for every yard.  He is a State champion.  Matt Saracen could run the post, and run the slant for respect, but he could also “run this pattern” for all to fear him.  He is the heart of the Dillon Panthers and the first true King made by the King Maker.

1) Vince Howard – Howard was not an actual Dillon Panther on screen.  #5 was an East Dillon Lion, although future QB1 of the Dillon Panther “Super Team”.  He was a State champion and led the single worst team in Texas high school history from worst to first.  He could throw a 60 yard bomb or run past any defense to get into the end zone.  He was perfection.  He was also Coach Taylor’s greatest legacy.   For the record books Vince Howard was the Last Lion QB to win a State Title and in our imaginations the greatest Dillon Panther to ever win one as well!  When Buddy Garrity, Tim Riggins and Matt Saracen hold up their hands, they have 1 ring, 1 blue stone.  When Vince holds up his, he displays two traditions that run with honor and pride through the city of Dillon.  “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose.”

What a wild ride.  What an amazing show.  Truly some great QB’s came out of the Dillon football machine.  They all have stories.  They are all legends.  Texas Forever!

~ by jpaulnorton on November 17, 2011.

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