FNL, The End…

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Hey, I am sure you guys read Grantland, but here is the article about the end of FNL.  Honestly, for myself, I fell in love with Season 1.  I don’t think there was a better show on tv during FNL’s first season. See my comparison below. Then, I got confused by the murder and half-heartedly watched most of Season 2, caught a few of the first episodes of Season 3 and gave up on it.  I think I will buy these on DVD and start over.  For me it seems worth it.  I don’t think there was a more well written show on tv during its run, but it carried with it many distractions like plot, pacing, day/time slot, switching of networks, coach switching high schools, etc…it was an uphill battle. 
I put FNL into a category with the following shows.  These shows had remarkable first seasons, but due to many factors couldn’t truly reach their full potential. 
1) Roswell – Roswell crashed in Season 3.  It was apparent that all involved were ready for the show to die, and they killed it. 
2) Angel – A great 5 season ride. (If you count time served on Buffy, these characters were part of an 8 year television run). Each episode was very good, but many of the story arch’s seemed incomplete.   
3) Heroes – This show had the single greatest 1st season of all.  Fell flat over the next 3.  Too many characters and too many ?’s.
4) FNL – See above.
5) Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – This was the last show I actually refused to watch DVR’d and had to watch live.  It was terrific and with the edition of BAGs in Season 2, I expected a lengthy run.  Then, Fox pulled the plug.  I was inconsolable for weeks.  The single greatest television tragedy of my lifetime.

Alex Morgan; #13 on the Pitch, #1 in our Hearts…

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In honor of yesterday’s US victory over France, I give you the hope for America’s soccer future, Alex Morgan:

The formal Letters…

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Just a specific thought I have been having that is shared by my readers:

fL: J Paul, for many reasons, the NBA saw a resurgance of interest this season.  How do you think the lock-out will affect the future of the sport? – Bryan Brown, Boston, MA.

JP: I fully expect the NBA to cancel the 2012 season.  That being said, in the end, the owners will win out and the new NBA will have a much better foundation.  However, much like the NHL discovered, winning the fans back will be tough.  I give it three years to recover and the NBA being “Fantastic” again in 2015.

The real issue facing the NBA is one of perception.  It is a speculative league spending millions on unproven and raw talent.  It is a star driven league with teams asssembling only pockets of fans loyal to any given team.  They live on headlines generated off of projected free agent movement opposed to the “now” of real action.

The NBA also produces the least “professional” of the professional athletes.  Each year the NFL, MLB and NHL are infused with talent that in the majority of cases can make an instant impact because of rigorous training and preparation over time.  This year, the Top  pick made by the Cavs played 11 regular season college games!  Their 2nd pick played only 1 full college season.  How can they be expected to play professional level basketball? 

The NBA needs a drastic change to its current model, and I hope they don’t play again until that happens.  The league needs to develop “team” oriented fan bases, make player development more of a priority, and become fiscally responsible.

…they should also fine LeBron James for playing so horrible during playoff games. 



The Hickson Deal…

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JJ, you will be missed. 

New Era…

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Well, here we are, a new King James in Sacramento and our very own Dynamic Duo.  Here’s to many years of great basketball in Cleveland.

Photo Credit: The Associated Press

Trading LeBron James…

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After the Finals debacle, many can’t help but question whether or not the Big 3 can really win a championship in their current state.  The truth is that the organization needs to address the bench.  Upgrades need to be made.

But, what makes the most sense, after watching how well the Heat played with LeBron sitting, is to send him to Orlando for Dwight Howard.  The Heat, with Chalmers, Wade, Bosh, Howard and Haslem would be much more formidable in the long run.  Their skill sets seem to “fit” better than the current team makeup.

LeBron is a square peg who can’t thrive in this environment and his mental state must be questioned.  He is damaged and labeled a villian.  It is time to move on.


The Dan Gilbert Prophecy…

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LeBron has cemented his legacy, and it appears that Dan Gilbert may indeed be a prophet:

The Dan Gilbert Prophecy