The Hickson Deal…

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JJ, you will be missed. 

New Era…

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Well, here we are, a new King James in Sacramento and our very own Dynamic Duo.  Here’s to many years of great basketball in Cleveland.

Photo Credit: The Associated Press

Trading LeBron James…

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After the Finals debacle, many can’t help but question whether or not the Big 3 can really win a championship in their current state.  The truth is that the organization needs to address the bench.  Upgrades need to be made.

But, what makes the most sense, after watching how well the Heat played with LeBron sitting, is to send him to Orlando for Dwight Howard.  The Heat, with Chalmers, Wade, Bosh, Howard and Haslem would be much more formidable in the long run.  Their skill sets seem to “fit” better than the current team makeup.

LeBron is a square peg who can’t thrive in this environment and his mental state must be questioned.  He is damaged and labeled a villian.  It is time to move on.


The Dan Gilbert Prophecy…

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LeBron has cemented his legacy, and it appears that Dan Gilbert may indeed be a prophet:

The Dan Gilbert Prophecy


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M. Night Shyamalan has made some great movies.  He has also made some horrible ones.  Overall though, his films have turned out to be brilliant works of art.  While some would say that ‘Sixth Sense’ was his crown and glory, I offer you a much more understated film for consideration….

Dallas’ Bandwagon…

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Well, I am now officially on Dallas’ bandwagon.  To be honest, they are probably one of my least favorite teams in the NBA.  They have meant nothing to me since Kidd’s first run there w/ Jimmy Jackson and Jamal Mashburn. 

Now, driven soley by my hatred for LeBron James, I will pull for Dirk, Kidd, Terry and all the other bumbs out in Dallas for one reason only; that James adds another Finals loss to his record and people can truly begin to realize that he’s just not that good.

My goal though, is to not jinx the Dallas faithful with my presence on the bandwagon, so I will keep this pretty quiet.  Let’s just hope that the Mavericks can do what the Bulls couldn’t.

Once More into the Breach…

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The Bulls are down.  One game from elimination.  There is little hope.  But, I will root for them until the last buzzer sounds in the last game of the series, whether that is Game 5 or Game 7.

If they do indeed lose, all that will be left is for me to jump on the Dallas bandwagon.  They will be the only thing standing in the way of a LeBron championship, and nobody wants him to fail more than I do.

Running Of The Bulls…

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Don’t despair, Bulls fans.  Chicago is down 2-1, playing with short rest on Tuesday which will give them an advantage.  Miami will be tired and the Bulls can run them ragged with bodies to take the victory.  Then tied 2-2, they will head back home, once again on short rest where their depth will really become a factor.

This series is far from over.

Bulls vs. Heat…

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This series will be about the player who has chosen to lead and the player who chose to leave.  Rose vs. James.  I trust we will all ‘Witness’ a new ‘Running of the Bulls.’

Fan Art, Hawkman…

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He isn’t that popular.  He usually takes a back seat to the more popular characters in the DC Universe.  But, this image really captures something about the essence of this warrior hero.  It is worth the final spot in this particular series.